The Wandering Star Tarot Cards Deck is a compass for seekers and dreamers in search of the treasures that lie within the heart, mind, and spirit. The answers you seek were embedded in your soul fabric long before you took human form. Let the cards gently guide you back to your deepest intuitions and desires that may have become clouded by fear or trauma along the way.

With unique, hand-drawn illustrations-keywords worked subtly into the design of each image-and a guidebook filled with hopeful messages, quotes, and spreads, this deck invites readers of all levels to work intuitively with the cards for insight and guidance.

The Wandering Star Tarot Cards is a distinctive and mischievous world where people of all colours and creeds, and animals, share space with peace, respect, and equality. You are invited into this world, with the wish that you bring some of this energy back into your own.

This has been a project of Cat’s for many years. She hopes that it reminds you that you were once a brilliant star burning in the vast darkness of space. You are made of star stuff, the shattering and scattering of a supernova. You are a wandering star on an adventure in this earthly plane. Now is the time to gather knowledge; love deeply; and soak in all the joy, heartache, pain, and glory that this life has to offer you. Let it shape you into a new creation until you one day return home to your glorious place in the endless sky!

Journey into this whimsical world of self-discovery and archetypes and meet two original cards that infuse the major arcana with powerful energy: “The Mother Star” and “The Creator.”

80-Card Deck and Guidebook


Weight 400 g
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 6 cm


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