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  • The Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

    This 52-card divination system is based on the rich mythology of ancient Britons Isle of Avalon and the wise teachings of its priestesses.

    The cards and accompanying guidebook offer powerful insights into all aspects of your life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose.

    Beautiful artwork depicts the symbols of the Goddess, the faery realm, Merlin and the magical Priestesses.

    Once upon a time, as legend has it, there was a sacred isle in ancient Britain called Avalon, where priestesses studied the laws of Spirit and honoured the Goddess and the Divine Force within all things. For a very long time, until the Romans came and their Christian churches replaced the Old Ways of Druid, the Goddess ruled, and the priestesses of Avalon-their foreheads painted with the sign of a blue crescent moon-kept the Goddess’s ways sacred. It was believed that only the priestesses could part the veils of the ethereal magical mist that rose above the waters that once existed there . . .  to find their way to Avalon’s shores.

    It is said that the Isle of Avalon faded away permanently into the mist, as its influence waned in the shift and blending of pagan and Christian cultures at the time of the legendary King Arthur. Yet the influence of this place of myth remains today, as thousands still flock to Somerset, England, in search of a mystical connection.

    Avalon, and the Goddess “she” served may have faded into the mist, unable to be physically reached by human beings today and having been made “unreal” by the collective shift in conciousness. Still, she remains in spirit, to share her wisdom with those who truly seek her sacred counsel.

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