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  • The Witch’s Book of Potions by Michael Furie-The power of bubbling brews, simmering infusions & magical elixirs

    90+ Recipes for Every Intention – From Healing to Prosperity to Love

    Join popular author Michael Furie on an exploration of the many brews, infusions, and elixirs that empower your magical work. Featuring more than 90 easy-to-follow recipes that call for ingredients found at the local grocery store, this hands-on book is a must-have resource for your shelf.

    Discover potions to raise your psychic skills, boost your sabbat celebrations access the power of astrological signs, and restore wellness in yourself and others. Learn how to use different cauldrons and kettles, make other magical mixtures like oils and ointment, and work with a wide variety of correspondences.

    You’ll also enjoy magical cocktails, recipes for increasing luck and money, herbal creations that channel the energy of the elements, and more. This irresistible book (The Witch’s Book of Potions) brings the iconic image of a witch stirring her brew into twenty-first-century reality.

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