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  • Thelema Tarot Cards and Guidebook by Renata Lechner

    Welcome to the world of Thelema. The Thelema Tarot Cards and Guidebook was drawn using modern day computer tools. Yet the images on these cards harken back to the days of old, where courtly states reign and renaissance values prevailed.

    Each scene tells a story, with characters on each card. Each character is a teacher, if you will, that can help guide you along to unlocking the messages, the meanings within each card.

    The instructions were written  for you to get a good introduction to what Tarot is, what the cards mean, and how to use them for your own divination purposes.

    You can choose to work with each card of the Thelema Tarot Deck by itself and listen to each character’s voice on the card to guide you to it’s meaning. If you do this, allow the wisdom of what they say to you become your own meaning.

    By artist and Tarot expert Thelema, the deck is woven like a spell enchanted, card by card following the tradition of Tarot with intelligence, inspiration and magical power.

    Edition with colour book.

    Weight510 g
    Dimensions13 × 9 × 6 cm
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    Thelema Tarot Cards and Guidebook by Renata Lechner - Front Cover Thelema Tarot Cards and Guideb...

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