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  • Tree of Life Wooden Box: Carved

    The earliest account of the Tree of Life is mentioned in Genesis 2:8-9, when describing the Garden of Eden — there it is called the source of eternal life. It reappears in the last book of the Bible, Revelations, as part of a new garden of paradise.

    However, the Christian faith is far from the only religion or belief system to make reference to a Tree of Life. In Islam, it is called the Tree of Immortality, and in Judaism, Etz Chaim, which is Hebrew for tree of life. Other references appear in Hinduism, Buddhism, and paganism.

    Of course, the tree of life also has roots in metaphysical studies as well, and to me means:

    The tree of Life carries the meaning that we are related to the cosmos. To our human family, our animal family, our earth family, and our beyond earth family. All of the cosmos is inter-connected, DNA and chemicals link us and it is in this sameness that we find compassion and tolerance and it is in our differences we should find wonder.

    Trees may look the same, but they grow, thrive, change, are battered by storms and weather, become broken and as they age become very unique. They become as we all wish to be, individuated. But despite all of this they remain strong and majestic with their roots grounded solidly to Mother Earth and their leaves stretched outwards to Father Sun.

    Tree of Life Wooden Box 18x13cm is the ideal box to keep your keepsakes in. Protect your favourite Tarot or Oracle Deck or use it to store your beloved crystals. Whatever you choose to do with this box I am sure you will love it and its meaning as much as I do.

    Weight450 g
    Dimensions19 × 14 × 7 cm


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    Tree of Life Wooden Box Tree of Life Wooden Box: Carve...

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