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  • When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck by Melissa Selvaggio presents charming minimalistic imagery from the realms of nature and spirituality.

    The delicate chakra-based watercolor artwork in the 44-card deck serves as a starting point for readers to contemplate the card meanings on a profoundly personal soul level.

    The 164-page illustrated guidebook invites the reader to connect with the cards through gentle messages and mantras, advice and affirmations, light work and shadow work.

    Melissa’s dream was to create a deck with minimal imagery, focusing on only one or two central colours per piece. The ide was that the simple illustrations would serve as a starting point for the user to discover what the image meant to them, without being bogged down by excessive detail.

    Chloe suggests that you develop your own relationship with each card and take the opportunity to decide on your own meanings for each one, allowing for a deeper intuitive connection.

    When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck is so simplistic in nature and yet feels as though it has so much depth. The cards are clean and beautifully illustrated with each image with one predominant colour specific to the keyword and its chakra association.

    The purpose is to activate the energy of each card within the seeker, bringing focus to areas of strength and weakness.

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