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  • White Magic Book by Lucy Cavendish

    We invite you on the most wonderful magical journey there is – a journey to your own inner magical self.

    Within these pages you will discover the tools to heal your life, create deeper connections with your loved ones, work with nature and enjoy great, deep and lasting happiness. By connecting with your own inner magical self, you can create a life full of joy, beauty, laughter and healing-your birth right.

    White Magic reclaims the ancient messages and teaching of White Magicians from Avalon, Atlantis and the future, and brings to light and life many esoteric secrets, blessing and rituals for personal power and transformation.

    • Journey to the realm of White Magic and discover how to:
    • Uncover and work with your magical name
    • fully experience your psychic abilities
    • heal your romances, health, relationships and family
    • energetically connect with the Goddess who is working with you
    • know your past lives and their current meaning for you
    • give healing Oracle, Tarot and Magical Spell Card readings
    • create a fairy portal
    • connect with your guardian dragon
    • find balance with Chiron, the miracle healer
    • and transform your energy using magical ceremonies and a complete seven-day guide to a Week of White Magic- a week that will transform your life forever.


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