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  • Witchcraft Book | Witches Heretics & Warrior Women by Phoenix Le Fae – Ignite your rebel spirit through magick & ritual.

    Filled with transformative stories of powerful women from legend and history-as well as rituals, spellcraft, and workings for you to try-this book explores themes that rebels, witches, warriors, and heretics confront as they make their way in a patriarchal world.

    Each chapter examines a topic like:

    • standing tall in your beliefs,
    • finding your voice,
    • embracing your sexuality,
    • and loving your body,

    and shares hands-on practices designed to inspire and support you as you connect with your inner witch, heretic, and warrior.

    Within these pages, you will find stories and exercises based on Circe, Anne Boleyn, Marie Laveau, Mary Magdalene, Jeanne D’Arc, Salome, Boudicca, Moving Robe Woman, and Harriet Tubman.

    Weight350 g
    Dimensions21 × 14 × 2 cm


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    Witchcraft Book | Witches heretics & Warrior Women by Phoenix Le Fae - Front Cover Witchcraft Book | Witches Here...

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