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  • Witches Apothecary Spells and Potions Kits by Gray Witch Supply Company

    Handmade in Australia by a local Witch these kits are the most impressive thing I have seen in a long time. They have everything you could possibly need to create your magick on the run or simply use them at home to brew your own spells and potions.

    Keep it in your car or strapped to your broomstick.

    Everything in these kits can be used, from the obvious items such as the herbs (teas, spells, incense blends, mojos, rituals or offerings) to the not so obvious items such as the black cord around the jar lid – binding spells, knot magick or cord cuttings just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. No two kits are the same, with very subtle differences, however they will all run along the same  premise as the kit shown. You may get a different book or the crystals may be different.

    We handcraft the Witches Apothecary Spells and Potions Kits as much as possible ensuring all pre-made magickal items are crafted on the correct moon phase and day ???? If you would like a particular herb, resin, blend or crystal included please contact us, we will always do our best to oblige.

    Colour of boxes vary, pick a colour or let us intuitively choose for you. Colours to choose from are mulberry, blue, silver, light purple and teal. If you would like another colour simply let us know and we can make it especially for you. Please leave a comment in the comments box of your order if you want something specific in your box.

    Please note. Please allow 1 week if you are personalising a kit and then delivery time on top of that. You may get it sooner, depending on availability of colours.



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    Witches Apothecary Spells and Potions Kits Witches Apothecary Spells and ...

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