Over 20 years ago, Gertrud Hirschi distributed a little accessible guide to yoga as a newspaper supplement.

It was a big hit. Tens of thousands were distributed, and here, by popular demand, is a revised edition of her guide.

This little book provides basic 7-minute yoga exercises for each day of the week. The exercises are organised by the mythological and planetary significance of each particular day.

For example,

  • Sunday’s focus is on light, energy, and expanding one’s heart;
  • Monday is the day of the moon and its focus is on cleansing, introspection, and planning;
  • Tuesday is the day of Mars and its focus is on expression, action, and pursuing goals; and
  • Wednesday is the day of Mercury and is a more volatile time in which the focus is on the power of thought and finding balance.

The gentle daily exercises, each including a mantra and a meditation, focus on various parts of the body-from the heart and shoulders to the pelvis and the digestive tract.

By the end of the week, the practitioner will have experienced full-body yoga, and every part of the body will feel energised and strong.

This is more than a book for the body; Hirschi has constructed a program that aims to heal and energise the soul and spirit.

She encourages a practice that promotes a greater sense of purpose, embraces of the richness of life, and provides a sense of total peace and harmony.

Clear, gentle, and affirming, this simple guide will be a hit with those new to yoga and longtime practitioners alike.

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