Crystal meanings—calming, optimism & awareness

At Gypsy Moon, we’re the specialists when it comes to crystals and the many different meanings that are connected with them. If you’re unsure of which crystals would most benefit you and your goals, have a read below.

Some popular crystals and their benefits include:

  • Goldstone: soothes anxiety
  • Rose quartz: comforts & eases heartache
  • Geodes: connect soul mates
  • Blue goldstone: helps soothe joint conditions
  • Obsidian: relieves stress & eases tension
  • Citrine: encourages abundance & manifestation
  • Labrodite: gives strength & unity
  • Tanzanite: instils a healthy mind balance & truth
  • Malachite: soaks up pollutants from the body & air
  • Pink opal: eases muscle tension
  • Opal: purifies blood & regulates insulin
  • Lapis lazuli: relieves pain, depression & immunity 
  • Selenite: radiates light energy & promotes positivity

Crystal healing therapy has become extremely popular in recent times. It is believed that by placing the gemstone on your body you will draw out any negative energy that has been clouding your mindset.

Holding crystals and wearing them on your body is a great way to ensure they’re forming the strongest possible interaction with your body’s energy field. At Gypsy Moon, we stock our crystals in a variety of forms, including stunning jewellery for you to wear daily.

Browse our range of crystals for yourself on our online store. We also have a Gold Coast home store located in Hollywell that is open by appointment. For all your crystal enquiries—contact us today.

How to cleanse & activate your crystals

So, you’ve purchased your new healing crystals—now what? It is very important to cleanse and activate your crystals to ensure you achieve the full extent of benefits.

Below are some ways to achieve a thorough crystal cleanse and activation:

  • Salt water is essential. Soak your crystal in salt or ocean water. This will ensure your crystal is cleansed of any negative energies it may have picked up on its travels to you. Before you obtain your crystal, it may have passed through a few different hands. You want to make sure your crystal is free from other energies that may be causing an unbalance.
  • Other methods to cleanse your crystal include smudging scared herbs or sage, dry salt, running water, non-contact salt and sound vibrations.

Next, you want to charge your crystal. It is important to regularly charge your crystal to make sure they perform their best. Leaving your crystals out under the sun or moonlight will ensure it is charged. For best results, leave your crystals out overnight under a full or new moon.

The final step for your new crystal is activation. In order to activate your crystal, sit quietly holding it in the palm of your hand. Centre yourself and focus on your breathing in order to relax. Speak aloud and set a goal for your crystal and the intentions you hope to achieve.

Your crystal should now be ready. For more information regarding our crystal products and the activation process, contact us today. Browse our range of crystal products in our online shop or arrange an appointment to visit our Gold Coast store.

How to use crystals

There are a number of ways to make the most out of your crystals. Some popular ways to use crystals include:

  • Wearing them on your body, such as a piece of jewellery
  • Leaving them in your pocket or purse
  • Meditating with them
  • Putting them in your bath
  • Sprinkling them throughout your home & incorporating them in your home décor

It is important to program your crystal with an intention before you start using it to ensure you are properly connecting. By having your crystal nearby, you will be constantly reminded of your intention or goal you have shared and will be motivated to reach it.

Browse our range of crystals or contact the experts at Gypsy Moon for further information on the many uses of crystals.

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