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Helping people is what Gypsy Moon’s Kim Hines adores doing most. By sharing unique creations with the world (all designed with love) she sees it as her destiny to make a difference in her customers’ lives.

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Magical Store

I'm on holiday on the Gold Coast and was totally drawn to this magical store. If you do nothing else- visit this store. You will be enveloped in love, wonder and knowledge. Thank you to the beautiful people who made my time here so much more peaceful.
Sally R.

Stunning Products

I just loved this place. The feeling of love is just beautiful. Dr Brad Occult was amazing and just adds that special bit of magic to the shop. Everything about the shop was beautifully made and stunning.
Tammy J.

Crystal Tree Dream Catchers

I found your store by accident and once inside I didn’t want to leave but with my partner waiting outside, I had no choice. I spoke with your husband about ordering crystal tree dream catchers online!
Norelle Clarke