Gold Coast Upcoming Spiritual workshops

We have many exciting workshops coming up this year with renowned readers, healers and life coaches from the Gold Coast

Discover how success lies within
Saturday 5th March 2022, 11am - 2pm

Workshops on the Gold Coast

         Learn how to reconnect with Self, to experience a full life

Become the best version of your self and live a full and happy life

Too often we look externally for the solution to help heal our life, no matter whether it is to improve our looks, increase confidence, improve self-esteem, or increase our wealth.
It is not until we start to look inward that we can truly begin to heal and grow
Learning how to live an integrous life is the first step, it is becoming conscious of who you are, what are your values, why are you here and how do you want to experience life.
During this workshop we will help you discover how the past and future can weigh you down with excuses and expectations.
We will show you how your Physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body all affect each other and how not renewing or rebalancing anyone of these bodies can result in procrastination, not feeling good enough, like you are failing, having no energy, feeling time poor, injury/illness or constant mood swings.

Then we will teach you the tools we use to:

  • help you to reconnect with who you are
  • Find your core values and beliefs
  • Find your purpose in life
  • and how you want to experience life.
About the speakers – Michael and Corey Oliver, Dynamic Father and Son Duo. The most gorgeous superheros on the planet
What separates Corey and Michael is their experience and Journey, Corey after playing football at a high level resulting in constantly being injured, developed a passion and thirst for physical training and nutrition. He loves to learn how the body moves and the different methods of training the body, as well as what the body needs to recover, allowing him to help his clients become leaner, stronger and fitter and limit the occurrence of injury.
Michael, though he loves the physical side of training and training others, was living his life for the approval of others, always trying to prove himself, to please everyone. He believes to achieve more you have to do more. He was time poor, not sleeping, constantly thinking, and never felt like he had enough, or was enough. His journey of self-discovery led him to discover the importance of not only training the physical body but the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well. He loves taking his clients on a journey of self-discovery so they can live the life they truly desire.
They believe everyone wants to be the best version of themself, and yet discovered that to achieve this requires a lifestyle change, which means discovering your weaknesses and then strengthening those areas.
They are both passionate about learning and understanding who their client really is, what they really want to achieve and why it is important for them to achieve this goal, and then delivering a service that results in them being free of disease and living a healthy life.
Their reward is watching their clients break through their limiting believes and discover who they really are, what is holding them back and achieving their dreams and desires, all while healing their body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
Price: $55
Time: 11am -2pm
When: Saturday the 5th of March
Where: 67 Whiting Street, Labrador
Call 0409388999 to secure a seat. Limited seats available
Refreshments and a free journal included in price