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  • Affirmators Tarot Card Deck by Suzi Barrett

    We’ve expanded our hit Affirmators! offerings into the realm of daily tarot!

    Your belief in magic (or magick) is not a pre-requisite for taking a spin with tarot card reading. Pull a random card and reflect on its message, or challenge yourself to read a more complex spread. Either way, you’ll get a good dose of age-old wisdom that you don’t have to be an age-old sage to interpret. Viva illumination!

    About the Author

    Suzi Barrett is an actor, writer, and practicing wizard who lived in Los Angeles, California. She’s in love with the unseen magic of the universe, and hope to spread that love in a very non-possessive, never-jealous, open-relationship sort of way. She created the Affirmators! line to drop a few comedic reminders into life’s drama, and has been reading tarot for over 20 years.

    Affirmators Tarot Card Deck

    Weight500 g
    Dimensions15 × 11 × 6 cm


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