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  • Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Deck by Stacey Demarco includes 38 cards and detailed 152-page guidebook, packaged in a hard-cover box set.

    Strong, powerful, loving… and on your side!

    The Feminine Divine has been honoured for millennia and most probably was the first of the divine energies to be venerated by humans. some of the earliest art to have ever been discovered are sculptures of tiny stone figures of female form  with exaggerated breasts and hips; many with rounded pregnant bellies, and some with tiny waists and round buttocks.

    Even the most cursory of glances could determine that these were symbols of fertility and of the spark of creation. These were the most ancient deities, they were female and they celebrated fertility and survival.

    There was a time when Goddesses and Gods, the Feminine and Masculine Divine, were the two halves of a creative whole and were honoured deeply in that way.

    Yet, with the coming of new religions, the Feminine Divine became feared, disrespected and almost lost to the world.

    Again, She rises!

    Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Deck features beautiful yet practical spells and original invocations as well as a full explanation of each Goddess’ history and influence, this deck invites you to rediscover the oldest energy, that of the Feminine:

    •  Connect with the powerful energies of the Feminine
    • Utilise these ancient energies to solve modern problems
    • Allow the Goddesses’ great creativity, love, strength and joy to inspire you forward every day of your life The Feminine Divine lives in fullness again!


    Join Her! 

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    1. Tabern13 (verified owner)

      These are absolutely beautiful and powerful cards to help you tap into your inner goddess and find the power within to help you on your way.

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