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  • Tarocchino Montieri Tarot by Dean Montieri

    Originally created in 1721, Tarocchino Montieri is one of the rarest tarot decks in the world after nearly all of the existing copies were burned due to the influence of the church.

    This limited-edition, numbered deck is part of Lo Scarabeo’s bestselling Anima Antiqua (Ancient Soul) series that features premium reproductions of the most interesting and important decks in the history of tarot.

    This deck follows the reduced number of cards as in the Bologna variant and the cards feature fascinating indexes and notes by Montieri about 18th century society, politics, and geography in addition to ornaments and illustrations.

    62 cards, 63×130 mm. Hard case box.

    Numbered edition, limited to 2999 copies.

    Instructions. Multilingual edition.

    Weight305 g
    Dimensions14 × 8 × 4.5 cm

    1 review for Tarocchino Montieri Tarot Cards

    1. ikaros (verified owner)

      In the days when playing cards and tarot were one and the same – this unique deck is quite a treat!
      Designed to be also a geo-political educational tool, it provides a snapshot of 18th century Europe. The deck has the Major Arcana cards, but Numbers 7-10 from all suits are omitted from the Minor Arcana. Beautiful collectors item.

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    Tarocchino Montieri Tarot by Dean Montieri Tarocchino Montieri Tarot Card...

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