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  • The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards by Maia Toll. 36 Card deck of inspiring animals.

    Let the Wisdom of the Wild Animals Guide You!

    Powerful teachings await when we open our hearts to the animals who share this earth with us. Originated for the best-selling book The Illustrated Bestiary, these richly illustrated oracle cards invite you to connect with the guidance of 36 powerful animals. Tap into the wisdom of the animals for growth and renewal.

    As you glance through the guidebook, you will notice each animal holds a spectrum of energy. For instance, Cat speaks to us of self-worth. You may or may not have a sense of your own worth, so how you think about yourself has implications for how you will read the card. Pulling the Cat card tell you to focus on your self-worth, and you may then find it’s out of balance.

    Always keep in mind the full range of each animal’s medicine.

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