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  • The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards by Akal Pritam are a powerful tool to support your journey of self-discovery and inner growth. These cards invite you to embody the divine self within, to become the sacred human that you were always meant to be.

    Through embracing your unique qualities and strengths, you can release unstoppable waves of healing light into the collective consciousness. The cards encourage you to trust in your own journey and let go of the need to know everything, as you lean into the power of love.

    By surrendering to the belief that love is greater than any other force, you can dissolve fear and create beauty and unity in your life. The path of the Unfurling Goddess is about remaining present and aware, fully receiving all that life has to offer, and loving yourself in every direction.

    With the Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards, you can tap into this wisdom and guidance, accessing your inner strength and intuition, and gaining a deeper understanding of your unique path in life.

    Trust in the power of these cards to support you on your journey towards self-realization and greater connection with the divine.

    Box includes:

    • 42 cards
    • 15-page booklet
    • wooden card stand
    Weight350 g
    Dimensions14 × 10 × 5 cm
    Author Name


    Daily Inspiration, Divination, Positivity, Self Help, Self Discovery, Intuition, Inner Self


    Rockpool Publishing


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