KABBALAH Tree of Life Oracle by Cherry Gilchrist is based on the ancient Kabbalistic map of creation that dates back at least a thousand years in the Jewish mystery tradition.

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol in many cultures of the world, but here it is used as a path to knowledge linking the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet with the twenty-two paths of the Tree of Life and the astrological houses. Each resulting word forms a rich and powerful wheel symbol that reflects a segment of the tree, depicted on a card in the oracle deck.

Follow the reading sheet to lay the cards in the zigzag line of creation, and consult the guidebook to receive guidance on any life issue. Both the oracle and the tree are highly structured, and from this framework of harmony comes wisdom that you will value forever.

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KABBALAH The Tree of Life Oracle by Cherry Gilchrist KABBALAH Tree of Life Oracle b...

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